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Vision and Mission

Establishment Basis
National Assembly Futures Institute Act, Article 1

To predict and analyze the changes in the future environment and derive mid- to long-term national development strategies to strengthen the policy competency of the National Assembly and contribute to national development.

The Think Tank of the National Assembly to Derive National Future Strategies
3 Management Goals
3 Management Goals - Derive mid- to long-term national development strategies that will be accepted by the citizens, Reinforce the role as a future research platform and enhance application to policymaking activities, Improve organizational capabilities and enhance management system
Performance Strategies
Performance Strategies - Scientifically predict and analyze future changes and suggest ideas regarding the future of the country with citizen participation, Derive mid- to long-term goals to realize ideas and initiatives regarding the future of the country, Collaborate and cooperate in terms of future research and reinforce the role as a platform, Enhance application to policymaking activities by providing multiple communication channels Performance Strategies - Strengthen human competency and improve organizational capabilities, Create innovation in the research activities system and make advancements in the organization management system
Major Fields of Research
  • Future prediction

  • Inequality

  • Climate crisis

  • Innovative growth

  • Low birth rateㆍAging society

  • National integration

  • Welfare regime

  • International strategies

※National Assembly Futures Institute Act Article 13 (Project): To achieve the purpose of its establishment, the National Assembly Futures Institute is to predict and analyze the future environment and derive mid- to long-term national development strategies related to unification, diplomacy, national defense and international strategies, new growth engines of the country, sustainable growth, improvement of the quality of life of the citizens, and other fields that will contribute to the development of the country and society.