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Access to the National Assembly Futures Institute

Fill out the visitor application form at the front reception area on the second floor (if entered from the front gate) or the rear reception area on the first floor (if entered from the rear gate) of the National Assembly Member's Hall, and submit it with your identification card.
※ National Assembly Futures Institute, Room 222 of National Assembly Member's Hall. Major contact: +82-2-786-2190

Directions for public transportation users
  • 6030
  • Community bus: Yeongdeungpo 10
  • 153, 162, 260, 362, 461, 463
  • 5615, 5618, 6623, 7613
  • 10 (Bucheon), 70-2 (Bucheon), 108 (Goyang), 1002 (Gimpo), 7007-1 (Gwangju), or M7625 (Paju)
  • Walk from Exit 1 or 6 of National Assembly Station on Line 9.
  • Take bus no. 153, 162, 260, or 4615 at Yeouido Station on Line 5.
Parking Lot for National Assembly Visitors

With the reorganization of the traffic system of the National Assembly, parking within the precinct of the National Assembly is available only for public vehicles and vehicles for the vulnerable including the disabled. Observers and visitors to the National Assembly are advised to park their vehicles (including buses) at the Riverside Parking Lot of the National Assembly.