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Research Reports

The National Assembly Futures Institute publishes reports that predict and analyze the changes in the future environment based on a comprehensive perspective, and derive mid- to long-term national development strategies in consideration of the preferences of the citizens
[20-24] The function and role of the National Assembly; what is the problem and how can it be improved

Date : 2020-12-31 item : Research Report 20-24 P.I : Park Sang-hoon

 This report is special in that parliamentary aides participated as writers. Until now, research of this kind has been conducted only by scholars or professional researchers outside of the National Assembly. In this regard, this report is the first research done by National Assembly members. The subject of the study is wide-ranging. In the eyes of National Assembly members, these are all important topics, ranging from Chapter 1, which evaluates the changes in the Korean National Assembly over the last 34 years since democratization, to Chapter 11, which covers gender representation in the National Assembly. Furthermore, this report is an effort to analyze a number of bills, which are referred to as ‘non-issue bills,’ and to analyze topics such as future agendas, the recruitment and promotion of parliamentary aides, and the positive and negative roles of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee.

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