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The National Assembly Futures Institute publishes reports that predict and analyze the changes in the future environment based on a comprehensive perspective, and derive mid- to long-term national development strategies in consideration of the preferences of the citizens
A Survey of Adolescents’ Future Desired Values

Date : 2019-12-31 item : Research Report 19-03 P.I : NAFI

This research provides a theoretical analytic tool and empirical methodology to predict the changes in the future desired values of Korean adolescents, and to provide the basis for establishing a political roadmap of Korea in the future. By objectively identifying and predicting the current and future desired values of adolescents, who will lead the future, it will be possible to provide a blueprint to design the future of Korea filled with both infinite possibilities for growth and uncertainties.

To identify the major value areas and concepts, as well as the empirical research methodology, domestic and international theoretical studies related to value and other existing studies on value were reviewed and analyzed, and there was also qualitative research on experts and students with experiences of future education for adolescents. A survey was also conducted for 554 male and female adolescents aged 15-18 from all over the country, and another for 630 male and female adults aged 19 and over, to compare the future desired values of adolescents and adults.

The results showed that adolescents and adults both had a positive outlook on the future, while adolescents placed greater emphasis on the importance of individual values than adults. Adolescents considered material values to be important, but it was found that these values did not directly lead to economic wealth. Adolescents also had a greater sense of openness and acceptance in terms of diversity and social justice. Also, adolescents had a lower sense of duty for the country in comparison to adults, and had greater expectations for the roles of Koreans within the global society, rather than having a sense of national duties. Furthermore, among individual values, adolescents placed the greatest emphasis on the importance of “independence” and “achievement,” and also revealed conservative traits as they tended to conform to the existing order and system.

In the survey of Koreans’ Future Desired Values, which will be conducted after this research, it is suggested to expand the areas that were found to be important for adolescents and in which they showed the highest levels of interest, including scientific technology, values as global citizens, community values, and subjective values on satisfaction of life. By regularly investigating the future desired values of adolescents, it will be possible to identify the changes and trends in values regarding the future generation, to secure important evidence to identify and predict the social changes in relation to the present and the future.

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