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Research Reports

The National Assembly Futures Institute publishes reports that predict and analyze the changes in the future environment based on a comprehensive perspective, and derive mid- to long-term national development strategies in consideration of the preferences of the citizens
Series of Research on Long-Term Strategies for National Development Ⅲ Research on the Reform Agenda for Improving the Quality of Life for the People: Focusing on Welfare, Housing, and Health

Date : 2019-12-31 item : Research Report 19-09 P.I : Heo Jong-ho

Although Korea has achieved economic growth and development of democracy in a short period of time, it is now faced with long-term threats including internal and external changes of future environments and the introduction of new risk factors. Thus in order to secure continuous growth and improve the quality of life for the Korean people, there should be future policy goals and implementation strategies that reflect the various risk factors and uncertainties of the future.

Thus this research established long-term national development strategies centered on welfare, housing, and health, the major areas that can affect the quality of life for the people, and the detailed policies to implement such strategies. The comprehensive summary of the results of the research is presented as follows.

This research is different from past research that presented short-term policy tasks and strategies, as it identified the risk factors based on internal and external environmental changes to improve the quality of life in the future, and suggested long-term policy directions for the future and their implementation strategies.

Based on the findings of this research, it is possible to prepare feasible alternative policies to achieve the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life in the future, and to reduce uncertainties regarding the future.

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