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Brief Reports

Report that suggests the national future strategies based on the analysis of major future issues by the research team
[National Future Strategic Insight] The Past, Present, and Future of the Presidential System (No. 54)

Date : 2022-10-17 Writer : Park Sang-hoon

This report aims to demonstrate that “there can be no good constitutional amendment without good politics” based on discussions on the institutional origins of the presidential system of government, its adaptation in Korea, and democratic reflections.

Given that the presidential system is not only a result of the democratization in 1987 but also ingrained in Korea’s political culture, attempting to change it may be unrealistic. In this sense, it is more valuable to make political improvements by aligning the way the presidency is fulfilled with democratic values, rather than pursing constitutional amendments to change the presidential system itself. Only then can the formation of public opinion and political consensus necessary for constitutional amendments be realized.