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Public Notice

[Seminar] Global Virtual Seminar on the Future of US-China Tech Competition

Date : 2021-11-29 Writer : NAFI

Global Virtual Seminar on the Future of US-China Tech Competition


National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI) hosted the global virtual seminar on the theme of The Future of US-China Tech Competition: The Global Views and Strategies via Zoom Meeting on November 19, 2021.

Scholars from nine different countries participated to present and discuss the perceptions, prospects, and strategies of their respective countries. The webinar was presided by Jungmi Cha, the Director of the Center for International Strategy at NAFI, and began with the opening remarks from Hyeon Kon Kim, the President of NAFI, which then was followed by the welcoming statement by Kwang Jae Lee, the Chair of Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee of National Assembly of Republic of Korea.

The event was divided into two sessions – 09:00-11:30 and 15:00-17:00 Korean Time. In the first session, Professor Suzuki Kazuto (Tokyo University) presented Japan’s perspective; Professor Markus Jaeger (German Council on Foreign Relations) for Germany’s perspective; Professor Jingdong Yuan (University of Sydney) for Australia’s perspective; Professor Oliver Stuenkel (Fundação Getulio Vargas, School of International Relations) for Latin America’s perspective; and Professor Joseph A. Kéchichian (King Faisal Center) for Middle East’s perspective, focusing on Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

During the second session, Professor Ivan V. Danilin (IMEMO) presented Russia’s perspective; Professor Selina Ho (National University of Singapore) for Singapore’s perspective; Professor Csaba Moldicz (John von Neumann University) for the perspectives of the Visegrád countries; and Dr. Batyrbaev Kairat Maratovich (Eurasian International Studies Association) for Central Asia’s perspective, focusing on Kazakhstan.

This webinar is the event related to the global collaboration research project of the Center for International Strategy in National Assembly Futures Institute which is the thirteen scholars from 12 different countries participated in. The result of this project-titled with the "Furure of US-China Tech Competition:Global Views and Strategies” will be published at the end of this year through NAFI's website.