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News Release

National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI) Participated in “Futures Dialogue” Hosted by the UN

Date : 2021-10-28 Writer : NAFI

National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI) Participated in

“Futures Dialogue” Hosted by the UN

Engaged in Online “Futures Dialogue” Consisting of 40 Youths from 4 Northeast Countries as Observing Collaborator

Kim Hyeon-kon, President of the National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI) announced that NAFI participated in “Futures Dialogue” for peacebuilding in Northeast Asia on October 27 to have a presentation and discussion, which was hosted by the United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (UN DPPA). The “Futures Dialogue” hosted by UN DPPA in partnership with UNESCO is a part of the project “Futuring Peace in Northeast Asia”.

UN-facilitated project “Futuring Peace in Northeast Asia” is that a group of 40 young people from four Northeast countries (Korea, China, Japan and Mongolia) is invited to a virtual dialogue to share their visions and imaginations and to shape policy ideas for Northeast Asia’s peace in 2060. NAFI has been engaged in this project since June as an observing collaborator representing the Republic of Korea.

Those young professionals were selected from a public contest held in June, and attended in online conversations twice between July and October. They had the time to summarize common visions they had generated and shared at  the “Futures Dialogue” on October 27. The event consisted of three sessions: in the first session, keynote presentations were given by policy researchers working in Northeast Asia. Korea’s representative was Park Seong-Won, head of NAFI Innovative Growth. Youth participants had a discussion under the theme of “how will we achieve a desirable future?” in the second session. It was followed by, in the third session, a discussion of policymakers and experts from each country to shape strategies to innovate in the future.

Youth participants approached to future of the Northeast Asia from various aspects, such as generation, gender, aging, technology and environment, anticipating the hopeful future and persistent conflicts across countries. Their future prospects included the formation of new Northeast Asia organization such as the European Union, by which history education would be attempted with “joint textbooks”.

Among attendees of the “Future Dialogue”, there were figures of UN DPPA, UNESCO, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP). NAFI sent Park Seong-won, Head of Innovative Growth Group; Cha Jung-Mi, associate research fellow; and Kim Byoung-soo, Head of Research Planning Team. UN DPPA and NAFI are shaping a joint cooperation plan in 2022, including join research for peacemaking in Northeast Asia based on the project outcomes in this year.